Services Offered

E Commerce Services Offered

We strive to offer a completely automated business processes.

Benefits with Us

We offer our clients a rich database content that acts as a useful guide. You have more choices to decide upon a product with better features at more competitive prices.

Furthermore, products are less expensive online and clients can receive more information about the product in order to make a more informed decision. This automatically leads to enhanced information and hence more buoyancy and greater efficiency on the priority.

Our services include:

Featured Services

  • Enhanced Shopping Cart Options
  • Commercial and Open Source Options
  • Many Integrated and Add-On Payment Modules Available
  • Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart Features

We also provide

  • Complete sales force automation
  • Contacts management
  • Enhanced web based accessibility from anywhere
  • Outlook plug-in and quoting
  • Full reporting capabilities

Our fully internet compliant content management system enables giant and medium business organizations to easily build and manage your content management system, custom.

Extended services

Our list of setup services to our clients includes:

  • Flexible database features
  • Single or batch picture uploads
  • Bypasses the need of plug-ins.
  • An enhanced Browser based control panel,
  • Complete storefront system
  • Paste buy button on an existing page
  • Enhanced product listing

Immediate returns to clients

  • Increased sales.
  • A platform to provide an impetus to expand the size of the market, from regional to national or national to international.
  • Providing upper edge to the organizations against its competitors.
  • Ensures complete sales force automation.

Our range of extended services helps large business organizations, besides others to handle the working time of your documentation and content. The service has lower price and provides ample opportunities to client to manage data. Furthermore, our dedicate, our services to clients enable them to make their portal easily comprehensible to the customers. The internet compatible browser ensures an enhanced two-way interactivity between our client and their customer.