Key Features

Our E Commerce Key Features

Our e-business solutions are compatible with popular payment Gateway Processors.

We offer to our potential clients the opportunity to sell as many Products as they want via the enhanced user friendly eCommerce Shopping Cart facility. This interactive way enables the clients an easy way out to create any type of e commerce store that they want and sell as many products or services.

After the products are listed, you can cut the HTML codes for a personalized shopping cart right into your web pages. You can also choose to deliver downloadable products securely with our digital delivery system.

Compliance with Payment Gateway Processors

  • The clients are provided with the facilities to adopt third-party credit card processors.
  • We are equally committed to provide a secured transaction gateway via SSL-encrypted transactions.
  • The clients are provided with the facilities to adopt third-party credit card processors.
  • Increased mailing- lists and follow ups

We provide the opportunity to ensure enhanced follow-up with customers via our follow-up management system. With this facility you can create unlimited email lists and auto response messages to send out to your valuable customers. Our clients can create automated email courses and help promote products and services.

Keep a Track of Your Advertising Costs

Our enriched database rich site helps you to automatically keep track of all your advertising and marketing expenses via ad trackers. Furthermore, the client can enhance their tracking of any listed advertising cost in order to advertise their marketing campaigns via internet.

Well managed product listing

We are committed to provide our clients easily managed content management system. We bypass the scruples of downloading and installing any additional software. All you need to do is just browse your site, login and then easily and quickly change the content, add or edit product records and setup product categories.

Interactive Form

We also provide portals with interactive forms, which help visitors put their feedback and suggestions.

Other featured listings include:

  • Regular generation of Web Site Traffic Reports
  • Importing Current Lists from other Programs
  • Assigning and Linking Listings to Agents
  • Feature Listings on clients Home Page
  • Search Engine Optimized Listings
  • Secured hosting of your e-commerce website
  • Round the clock trafficking of data