Website Analysis

Website Promotion Site Analysis

Studying your website content, code, linking, download time, connectivity, meta tags in absolute terms. Each of these plays a crucial role in your promotion efforts. A site loaded with graphics can appear very glamourous but can be very annoying to a visitor owing to its high download time.

Coding of your pages should be in compliance with internet standards. Unnecessary code introduced by several page generation softwares make your pages heavy. Likewise linking should be bug free and meta tags should be present in the top portion of your pages.

Fixing the website

You may be having a good looking pages you see in the browser, but the search engine crawler are not human but automated programs and only see at what is known as the html code of the page ( if you lik to see what it look like just open the saved page in any text editor like notepad ) and then these crawled pages go into the databases of the respective search engines from there SE apply very complex calculations to arrive at the list of the pages to show in the serach results.

Here comes the crucial part of fixing the site by optimizing the code of the pages so that the search engines rank them high based on the criteria it has to rank them. As for every SE they have different criteria for raniking we optimize the pages keeping all the search engines in mind.

We optimize the pages not only from the point of view of search engines but also from the point of view of your vistors optimizing the navigation structure, removing spammy codes, removing broken links and optimizing the images on the pages for better downloading of the pages.

We encourge and implement the navigation structure in text verses images or flash for better search engine optimization with respect to better visivility in search engines.

Keyword Analysis

We use Wordtracker system based on what is called KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) which was invented by Sumantra Roy. Sumantra is one of the most respected and recognized search engine positioning specialists on the Internet. Do not think of a KEI factor as absolutely perfect for making predictions, but think of it as an excellent guide as to identifying a keyword in high demand but with low competition. According to Wordtracker, a good phrase may have a KEI value of around 100, and an excellent KEI value may be around 400. Of course the higher the KEI values, the better.